Quick View on Motor Insurance in UAE

Quick View on Motor Insurance in UAE

As per the govt of UAE all registered cars and vehicles are ought to mandatorily carry Motor insurance. The cars and vehicles solely ought not to register, however they ought to be revived once a year thenceforth in conjunction with the acquisition of motor policy. The Insurance Authority has mandated unified motor insurance as a minimum for all insure firms in UAE to be offered. All the most effective Motor Insurance firms in UAE supply cowl wider than the unified motor insurance.

Motor Insurance in UAE
TPL and Comprehensive Insurance are 2 types of Motor Insurance in UAE.

Resulting an accident where you are at liability, you could end up either wounding any walkers and person along for the ride in the other cars or end up damaging public property, other motor cars or assets damage. This is called Third Party Insurance (TPL).

You can undergo damages to your vehicle either due to your mistake or because of others. Comprehensive car insurance in UAE will cover loss or damage to your car and also your TPL.

Unified Comprehensive Insurance – Rights
Your insurer should compensate you for loss or damage to your Motor Vehicle and its accessories (standard accessories provided at the time of buying your vehicle) , including damaged parts and spare parts due to an accident, hit and run, collision, overturning, fire, explosion, spontaneous combustion, lightning, theft, robbery, any willful act by any third party.

It is not just that, you will be happy to know that even if your car happens to be towed; your comprehensive car assurance policy will still respond. This includes even during the loading and unloading of your car to tow.

Your comprehensive car protection policy will cover both complete loss and partial loss to your vehicle.

Are you the only individual accredited to drive under the unified comprehensive car policy in Dubai, UAE?
You are the official person to drive the vehicle but you will be happy to note any person holding a valid driving license issued by Govt. of UAE can also drive your car with your permission.

It’s not just you, your family and friends can also drive in UAE.

As a matter of fact, if your driving license has expired at the time of the accident, you will still be covered provided you manage to renew the license within thirty days.