Protect Your Strings in The Best Possible Way

Protect Your Strings in The Best Possible Way

What if your vanity van catches fire or your guitar gets destroyed by flood or any other elements of nature? What if someone breaks in or torches your house or steals your precious guitar? Emergencies are always uninvited and unfortunate. And, only the right protection can shield your prized possessions and provide you with peace of mind. So, if you are a musician or play guitar as a hobby, Guitar insurance is a must-have for you. It’s the only way to protect your monetary investments in terms of your string instrument and relevant accessories and gear.

Isn’t your homeowners’ insurance plan enough?

There are a number of guitarists and other musicians who mistakenly think that their renter’s or homeowner’s insurance will get their guitar covered. They fail to understand that such insurance policies are designed to cover residential buildings in case of fire, flood, earthquake, and other related scenarios. To the utmost, a homeowner’s insurance plan will cover minor scratches, etc. However, what if your guitar has been stolen or gone completely beyond repair? These scenarios will not be covered under a homeowner’s insurance policy. For the complete protection of your gear, you’ll need to buy dedicated instrument insurance. In fact, a large number of professional musicians do prefer insuring their musical instruments and accessories under separate insurance.

How can you get a suitable replacement for your prized guitar, if not the real one?

All insurance brokers or agents are not necessarily guitar players or musicians. Therefore, it’s hard for them to realize the actual worth of your guitar or the actual replacement cost. And, the majority of the homeowner’s plans have caps on the basis of category or item. For example – the price of your Les Paul is $ 10, 000 and it’s destroyed when your home was torched. And, you filed a claim with your homeowners’ insurance service provider. They can replace your vintage Les Paul with the latest one that costs much lesser than the one you had. However, if you had a dedicated Gibson Les Paul insurance, they would have recognized the actual worth of your guitar and would have helped you get the right replacement for it.

How can you get started?

After learning that as a musician, you are less likely to do without the right musical instrument insurance, you’re probably looking forward to getting started with it. However, before you start getting in touch with insurance providers, you should itemize a list of the instruments and accessories you want to insure. It will help both you and your insurance provider in the long run.