Senior Citizen Health Insurance

Senior Citizen Health Insurance

Once you reach in senior citizen zone, the risks of falling sick or contacting diseases comes with that. There are several medical expenses which a person might not be able to afford. Costs of hospitalization, medicines and treatment are rising day by day and the older a person gets, the more the stress of finances related to healthcare. In times like that, senior citizen health insurance policy is there to provide the help and financial support.

Senior citizen health insurance is designed to offer financial support for medical expenses or treatments to the individuals aged between 60 years to 75-80 years, depending upon the insurance company and plan. It is crucial to buy this insurance since after a certain age, you become prone to illness and this insurance can help reduce the stress of paying for the medical expenses especially when you in financial crises.

Features of Senior citizen health insurance

This insurance helps you cope with the difficulties at the time of any unforeseen circumstances and this health insurance for senior citizens above 60 years comes with various features which are mentioned below:

Covers Hospitalization, medical bills and room charges
Cashless Hospitalization
Day Care expenses arising out of technological advancements
Annual check-ups can be availed
Coverage for ambulance charges
Pre-existing diseases are covered based on the insurance provider.
Pre and post hospitalization cover based on number of days.
No need of pre-medical test before availing medical insurance.
Higher sum insured coverage
Coverage for Pre-existing disease
Fast and Hassle-free settlement
There are various companies providing senior citizen healthcare plans and each plan have different coverage terms. Before buying the insurance, you need to understand the terms, inclusions and exclusions of that plan.